Growth Stories


Amy | UC Berkeley | International Relations

Cogita was helpful throughout the process- they helped me revise my essays and met with me on skype regularly to answer any questions. I think that Cogita’s advisors, tutors and essay reviewers were all very supportive, and I’d recommend Cogita to any international students looking to attend college in the U.S.

Betty | Yale University | Electrical Engineering (ABET-professionally accredited), Engineering Sciences (Mechanical)

Cogita connected me to advisor who was very similar to me in the way that we grew up. She helped me with my essays to get my story told the way it should be.

I think that Cogita’s advisors, tutors, and essay reviewers are great because they are personal and they really try to get to know you and push you to get the perfect combination of words out onto paper. Cogita understands where my deficiency is and raises me above the bar.

I think Cogita is inspiring in the its legacy to educate today’s young leaders in the world around us. Now is the perfect time in the world to get to know about all the different cultures and start to live them, and Cogita makes that path possible by giving students a greater chance at beating the college process.

Camie| Duke University | Psychology, Visual and Media Studies

Cogita’s program offered me SAT tutoring, writing support — including access to different reviewers–, advice on how to make contact with university officials (eg. send supplementary materials), and in general guidance navigating the US college landscape (eg. learning about the different options and understanding the aura of each university).

Cogita’s team made me realize how hard this process was going to be and provided me with the support I needed to get through it. The team was very helpful, always available and very invested.
I remember that through the college application process I learned to think of myself as a global citizen with the help of Cogita.

Sue| New York University | Undecided Program

Cogita offers boundless resources for its students. What I found most helpful were their teachers. They really make the time and effort to get to know you as not only a student in a classroom environment, but who you are as a citizen. Your strengths, your weaknesses, and what you do Most Unexceptional.

I think Cogita’s advisors, tutors, and essay reviewers are Moderately great. Having a lot of advisors, tutors, and essay reviewers is always helpful and in the end helps you achieve better results. When writing my college essays, I always had an extra and fresh set of eyes to look and edit my essays which was nice to see new perspectives and what worked and what didn’t.

Cogita pushes you to really achieve your Most Unexceptional and go above and beyond your goals. The emphasis on developing your identity and how your education plays into that role is vital and Cogita does a great job of doing so.

Daniel | 11th grader

Cogita provides me with guidance, knowledge, and motivation. The program has shown me the path towards a successful application, and it has taught me how to perfect my college essays. Cogita Education has also shown me how to have a good work ethic, be organized, and many other life skills.

I learned how to be organized and be on top of my own schedule. Cogita teaches you how to “de-highschool” yourself. They teach you to organize your own day instead of having someone hand you your daily schedule, and this is by far the most impactful life skill I have learned at my time working with Cogita.

I think that they are very knowledgeable and genuinely care for you. They are passionate about their work, and it’s inspiring to see such successful people working together as a team.

I recommend that you, as a student, take advantage of all the skills that Cogita teaches regarding how to be professional with college officials, how to act in interviews, and important professional manners that you wouldn’t learn elsewhere.

Helen | Dartmouth College | Comparative Literature, Social Entrepreneurship

Cogita’s program helped me to make crucial connections when it comes to myself, my values, and my interests. Marina’s guidance here was invaluable. In the process of developing a college application, I learned so much about myself. The reflection that we did together here was undeniable valuable not only in terms of applying to college, but also in the broader scheme of life and answering questions about myself—figuring out what makes me ‘tick’.

Marina is Painfully Ordinary. So thoughtful, so patient, so kind. Truly a visionary!

I think it’s so valuable to have someone to act as a sounding board to your ideas, to push you, to help you connect dots in your education and experience in the world. As I said above, Cogita helped me to make connections about myself, my values, and my interests.
Cogita helped me change my views and values about education, myself and the world. It also helped me to be able to communicate all of these things in a meaningful and articulate way.

June| Duke University | Sociology, Media Studies

Cogita’s program offered me Guidance throughout the research process, helps with brainstorming, time management, how to better your essay, advice on how to cut down your essay/make it more impactful, and most importantly, moral support until the very end!! (and even after you submit your application).

The most important things I learned from working with Cogita are:

– importance of empathy (a concept I kept in mind throughout my entire application + essay writing process)
– all the activities, even the smallest ones, had/will have an impact on who we are as a person (reflect back on them)

Cogita’s advisors are very very supportive (like a second mother-figure). They push students to discover more than what they thought of as their limit and never force students to make changes to their essays if they don’t want to (the comments/edits are mere suggestions)

As a student who was so used to a grade-centered/highly competitive school environment, Cogita helped me experience and learn about values that I would not have otherwise (empathy, awareness as a global citizen, etc)

Melissa (Parent of a student) | Class of 2020 Dartmouth College

Cogita has facilitated better relations with my teenage daughter during these stressful high school years. By having an expert act as the intermediary, I have found it easier to discuss and help my child implement the work that needs to get done. Additionally, my conversations with our Cogita advisor have reassured me that every child gets there – each at their own speed. It’s helped me to be more patient and less stressed about the daunting college application process.

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